Monday, December 8, 2014

How Caffeine Causes Long-Term Fatigue


Caffeine is often the main drug in many products people consume everyday: coffee, soda, energy drinks, energy supplements, enhancement aids and chocolate.  That’s right, it is a drug and it is addictive.  In fact, caffeine is even an ingredient in some medications like antihistamines.  It does not and never has added energy to your body, but rather it causes your body to burn up your reserves even faster.  Within five minutes of consuming caffeine in your product of choice, this drug begins stimulating your central nervous system, causing your adrenal glands to release the stress hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine in your body.
Epinephrine and norepinephrine prep the body for a “fight or flight” response.  It causes your heart rate to speed up, blood pressure to increase, blood sugar imbalances, muscles to tense and a short feeling of alertness.  These are very useful hormones when you are in a stressful situation where you may need to temporarily fight or flee from a dangerous situation.  However, placing your body under stress while sitting at your desk or reading your textbook is not going to benefit you.  That short feeling of alertness will be quickly followed by feelings of anxiety, irritability, fatigue, confusion and even hunger; which sets you right back up to take more caffeine and sugar in a vicious cycle of artificial highs followed by exhaustion that is harmful to the body.
Habitual use of caffeine to stimulate the adrenal glands can lead to chronic adrenal exhaustion.  Your adrenal glands begin to over-work to keep your body in a constant of stress.  This causes energy crashes to set in even quicker, so that you have to keep taking more caffeine to get the same results.  Your body becomes addicted, and exhibits withdrawal symptoms if you do not continue to consume some caffeine because it thinks that it cannot function without it.
Caffeine makes you exhausted because it also affects the body’s ability to relax.  Many people who use caffeine regularly experience jitters, chronic insomnia and sleep disturbance, which also contributes to the feeling of fatigue. One of the best ways to take action to restore adrenal health is by stopping the use of stimulants like caffeine and by getting rest via normalization of lifestyle and nutritional balance.
Physically, our bodies need a steady source of energy to accomplish our daily tasks.  If caffeine has been a regular part of your diet, you will likely have withdrawal symptoms that may temporarily worsen when you stop taking it.  Learn to provide your body with a sustainable energy boosts and mood elevation by switching to fiber-rich carbohydrates and starchy vegetables. Dietary supplements like Biomaxx Energy Nutrition can also help.  The good news is that caffeine withdrawal will pass in a few days and you should experience a noticeable improvement in your energy levels and sleep patterns by discontinuing this addictive drug.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

People with Nutritional Deficiencies Benefit From Energy Supplements That Affect Energy Metabolism

Nutrition affects each and every cell in your body. The health of our cells is dependent on diet and lifestyle. Cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and we are made up of a system of organs. If your nutrition is poor, the condition of each cell, tissue and organ in your body will be affected as will your energy metabolism.

Poor nutrition can contribute to stress, lack of physical and mental energy, and over time, to the risk of developing a multitude of health issues including:
  • being overweight or obese
  • loss of appetite and undesirable weightloss
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • heart disease and stroke
  • osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • type-2 diabetes
  • eating disorders
  • some cancers
  • dental problems
  • depression
  • sleep apnea
  • infertility
Many energy supplements contain nutrients, fats, proteins and amino acids that are already in our bodies or that we can get from food.  Moreover, studies have shown that they do work.  According to Andrew Shao, PhD, from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a trade organization in Washington D.C., “Research has clearly shown that these compounds support the energy metabolism process.”  They affect how the body processes the nutrients we eat and converts them into energy.  Nutrients Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), B vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, thiamine, and niacin, as well as creatine, carnitine and amino acids like tyrosine, phenylalanine and taurine all have a role in the body’s metabolism.
“People who are deficient in CoQ10, carnitine and B vitamins may benefit from the supplements,” says David Leopold, MD, director of Integrative Medical Education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. “And deficiency is much more common than we think,” he notes.
For example, people who have poor eating habits, consume a lot of empty calories in their diets or regularly take common medications like antacids, NSAIDs or antibiotics are often have these nutritional deficiencies and could benefit from supplementation. Similarly, very active people and athletes who push themselves hard for peak performance are often depleted in these nutrients and need energy supplements as well.
While it is best eat a well-balanced, healthy diet and get enough sleep to optimize energy, energy supplements like  BiomaxX Energy Nutrition can help your body produce the energy you need to feel energetic and make each day a productive day.   Biomaxx Energy Nutrition increases energy without caffeine or other stimulants because it contains the vitamins and antioxidants  requirements of the Kreb's cycle. The Kreb's cycle produces the energy in the mitochondria of each and every cell in our bodies. Try it and feel the difference.                                                             

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fight Fatigue: Live with Vibrancy and Energy

Feeling fatigued and unfocused has become a way of life for most of us.  Drowning under stress and responsibilities, we have become a nation of lethargic bots fighting brain fog and exhaustion with shots of caffeine and spoonfuls of sugar just to make it through the day. Naturally, these artificial jolts make it even more difficult to wind down at the end of the day, when it is time to go to sleep.  It’s a vicious cycle guaranteed to leave us physically and mentally spent.
We do not have to live like this.  The good news is that you can choose to live a better, healthier life every day, without the fatigue and sleep deprivation.   Here are seven ways you can banish fatigue and improve your quality of life right now.
1.  Begin each morning with a few gentle stretches to get the blood pumping, open blocked energy pathways, reduce pain and energize you for the day.   Move your shoulders, legs and back.  This will stretch muscle tissue and restore more blood flow throughout the body, waking it and energizing it without artificial stimulants.
2.  Eat a good, balanced breakfast every day to boost your body and brain power.  Protein and fat are essential for energy, and a large, healthy breakfast is exactly what your body needs.  Need something quick?  Try a morning smoothie packed with healthy fats, proteins, nutrients and phytonutrients you need to fuel your day.
3. Take  BiomaxX Energy Nutrition patented supplement for sustained energy all day long.  Specially formulated to increase alertness, elevate mood, improve physical stamina and enhance your overall sense of well-being, BiomaxX Energy Nutrition keeps you going with long lasting energy that will not  disrupt your sleep, but may actually improve it if vitamin deficiency is contributing to insomnia.
4. Take mini mind and body breaks throughout your hectic day.  A few minutes of walking around, clearing the mind, deep breathing exercises or listening to a bit of relaxing music before you resume your work can do wonders to re-energize you.  The time-out will help calm your body and brain, slow down your heart rate and allow you to get back to a feeling of well-being in just minutes.
5. Make sure you do not skip lunch.  Eat a healthy lunch.  Skipping the meal or eating like a bird will not adequately fuel you through the afternoon’s labors, so eat a nourishing lunch that includes wholesome, unprocessed ingredients, lean protein, good fats and vegetables to help you maintain alertness. Lunchtime is when your digestion peaks and your body burns calories most efficiently.
6. Get up from your seat every now and then to connect with people in person instead of via e-mail. Practice Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is an African term that means what makes us human is the humanity we show each other. It is a worldview that sees humanity as a community or a family, rather than a bunch of individuals. When you begin to relate to people around you in this way, you will feel more connected and energized.
7. Learn to power down your body, mind and home in preparation for a goodnight’s sleep.  Turn in early and turn off all electronics in the bedroom.  Cover any glowing lights you see. Light can stop your melatonin levels from rising, which is what you need to fall sleep and reach the deep restorative sleep your body requires to function well.  If you cannot darken your bedroom completely, wear a sleeping eye mask or add blackout curtains to the windows to darken the space.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Vitamin B12 Levels Should Be Checked Routinely As We Age

A vitamin B12 deficiency can happen without warning. The symptoms of this deficiency can sometimes be misdiagnosed or ascribed to normal aging if the physician does not check for it.

 B12 is a vital vitamin that plays a role in many of the body’s processes. This nutrient is required for the formation of red blood cells, development and maintenance of a healthy nervous system, metabolic cycles for the production of energy, neurological functions and the production of DNA. Severe vitamin B12 deficiency can result in pernicious anemia. However, there are less dramatic symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency that are commonly associated with aging, including muscle weakness, tremor, unsteady gait, chronic fatigue, shakiness, hypotension, incontinence, depression and other mood disorders, as well as cognitive problems such as poor memory and mental fogginess. Many of these symptoms will diminish and/or disappear when  taking a high quality  methylcobalamin supplement. 

There are a number of different  reasons why our B12 levels decline with age. Firstly our body’s ability to absorb B12 from food declines as we age. Often, the malabsorption occurs in conjunction with a decline in our consumption of foods rich in this vitamin. We eat less because the aging body requires less energy if it is engaging in fewer  or less strenous activities. 
One reason that absorption becomes a problem as we age is because both stomach acid  and intrinsic factor levels produced by stomach cells decline. Dietary Vitamin B12 is released from ingested proteins in the stomach through the action of pepsin and stomach acid.  Studies have shown that as much as 30 percent of the aging population lack sufficient stomach acid to absorb adequate amounts of B12 from natural sources. Intrinsic factor is a requirement for the body to then absorb Vitamin b12 from the small intestine into  the liver where it is either stored or released into the circulatory sytem to be transported to cells throughout the body. 

Due to this decline in vitamin B absorption, regular consumption of fortified breakfast cereals or daily supplementation of vitamin B12 is recommended for people over the age of 50. The vitamin B12 found in supplements and fortified foods, does not depend on stomach acid to be absorbed. Still the amount of absorption will vary person to person. 

Typically, treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency requires the consumption of much larger doses than the body actually requires. This is the only way to return levels to the ideal range. Physicians often recommend a daily supplement in the form of a B12 injection of 2,000 micrograms for about a month; and then, they lower the amount to about 1,000 micrograms daily or lower. However, injection is not the only option. There is considerable evidence that sublingual vitamin B12 may work as well as injections for people with absorption problems, even those with anemia.
Recommended daily amounts of vitamin B12 vary, but generally, minimum B12 levels in adults should be above 250 picograms per milliliter of blood serum. This level can be easily obtained from a well-balanced diet with animal protein unless there is a condition present that impairs the body’s ability to absorb it. Red meat, turkey, fish and shellfish are excellent sources of dietary vitamin B12. Additionally, dairy products, chicken and eggs all contain vitamin B12 in smaller amounts.

Biomaxx Energy Nutrition’s Sublingual Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin Spray is the  ideal oral supplement to maintain or increase your Vitamin b-12 levels as you age. 

 In addition to purified water, there are just 4 ingredients in our spray.

  • Methylcobalamin,  a form of B12 that is more readily absorbed and more effectively used by the body than the cheaper cyanocobalamin found in most Vitamin B12 supplements.
  • Stevia extract, a natural sweetener
  • Citric acid, a natural preservative
  • Potassium sorbate, a natural preservative
  • Contains NO: yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sugar, starch or artificial coloring.

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Each of these products delivers 1000 mcg of Methylcobalimin per daily dose.
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